Smart Compound


The real estate industry in Egypt witnesses fierce competition, it is in the red ocean environment, every company is competing for the same clients, you could make the competition matters no more or less invisible, Differentiation is the keyword.

Start swimming towards the blue water and get out of the red water where every company is competing for the same thing, the consumer hunger for proper recognition and other privileges is becoming a trend attached to their demand.

Millennial and Generation Y are tech-savvy they are representing the largest group of homebuyers, so by Keeping up with the latest tech you can attract these generations and differentiate from your competitors.

Tech will pull your company out of the red ocean and will immerse it into a Blue Ocean of less comparative advantages.

Let’s dive right now!

How to dive with your compound in the Blue Ocean?!

Differentiation is the answer! The Real-estate companies depend on payments plans to compete with others, which don’t make sense to a large number of consumers but with smart city and compound concept you could differentiate yourself from others.

The concept of Smart Cities, smart compounds, and smart Communities has become a focus of public attention as an answer to emerging needs and challenges of urban areas, which is Fueled by the potential of ICT (information and communication technologies).

The concept of smart cities or compound aims to improve competitiveness, sustainability, social attractiveness, and most importantly the quality of life for everyone.

Smart compound concept will fill the gap, where it could give access to a comfortable and convenient environment, with solutions that lead to transforming lives for a better tomorrow.

The equation of smart compound is composed of smart inhabitants, hardware, software, connectivity, and data processing capability.

At ILEAD group we provide a solution as an integral part of one body that performs really as intended for, starting from IT infrastructure to the solutions that enable the pairing between the physical and digital assets. No constraints hold us; we deal with multiple vendors and are certified for different technologies.

Our process starts with deploying the optimum scalable futuristic networks that set the base for the smart connected compound. The IT infrastructure will be a profit center for your properties rather than a cost center.

Smart Compound