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iLead Automation

ILEAD Automation

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Energy Saving.

Nowadays, the lighting systems and HVAC devices consume 70% of the building Electricity. With ILEAD automation solutions, reduce at least 30% of your building consumption.


Increase the efficiency of your building and enhance the environment of the work place with Ilead Automation solutions.Your Staff can control all the devices in the building using mobile phones, voice commands or by setting scenarios.


Since your Employee spend almost 75% of their live in work, so enhance their environment with Ilead Automation Solutions. The building will automatically take care of itself, manage the lighting systems and could control the temperature and the air quality of the space.

Safety & Security.

Your administrative building will be safe and secure 24/7, which can achieved through access control security alarm systems , CCTV systems, etc. the management staff will get notification when an intruder is detected.


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Our Automation Solutions



Home automation meets your comfort and technology’s desires. At ILEAD Automation solutions we are seamlessly integrate automation solutions for your comfort and luxury. From tiny homes to large compounds we provide complete solution to automate your life.



At Ilead automation solutions we seamlessly integrate turnkey automation solution for your space,your place becomes more efficient and consumes responsibly.



ILEAD Automation solutions your partner for efficient and smooth processAdopting technology is not only about saving money, but also gaining an edge over competitors and seizing new opportunities in the industry.



Whether you are interested in learning more about iLead automation solutions services or simply interested in getting a customized automation solution ,fill out the form below and our technical team will get in touch with you to answer your query

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